Optimal copper coils from the 3D printer for your project

The heating behaviour of inductors is decisive for the efficiency of your processes. In conventional manufacturing processes, however, many test geometries typically need to be produced and tested in real heating trials before the optimum coil can actually be produced. This is an expensive and time-consuming process. PROTIQ's service offering computer-aided simulation of your processes gives you the ideal inductor for your application right away – quickly and cost-effectively!

Simulation method for the perfect inductor

PROTIQ is offering its customers a special service to optimize copper coils: The behaviour of the coils in the process is visualised by numerical simulation methods, and an optimised inductor geometry is determined. The components are then produced quickly and cost-effectively by 3D printing, and if desired even from pure copper.

The inductors optimized and additive-manufactured by PROTIQ stand out due to their speedy and precise heating behavior. As a result, more precise hardness patterns can be set on the component and shorter cycle times in series production can be achieved.

How does the PROTIQ optimization service work?

Once you have submitted your data to us, the first step is to model the inductive heating process of your application in a simulation model. Besides the geometry of the inductor and the component to be heated, information about the existing boundary conditions and process parameters is stored in this model. Based on this information, the thermal heating behaviour of the component and the electromagnetic properties of the coil can then be examined.

The results derived from this enable a much more detailed analysis of the process behaviour than actual heating tests. For example, the heating inside the component can also be examined during simulation, or the magnetic field that is generated can be visualized. That way, PROTIQ analyzes and optimizes existing inductors or determines the parameters for new heating processes.

This results in high-quality copper coils that are 100% customised to your applications. We would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer!

This is how you benefit from our simulation service:

  • Coils with ideal characteristics for your individual processes
  • Time savings during development
  • Reduced costs
  • No real tests with test geometries necessary
  • Pure copper inductors
  • Production of your copper inductors within just a few days

The advantages of additive manufacturing for your processes

3D printing has long since established itself as the production method for copper coils. The benefits over conventional production methods are many and varied: Using computer-aided numerical simulations, such as those offered by PROTIQ, significantly reduces costly testing and precious development time. In addition, additive manufacturing can be used to produce the most complex geometries effortlessly. Individual profile shapes and minimal bending radii present no problems, allowing the development of innovative inductor geometries with optimized magnetic field guidance and improved process properties. The manufacturing process using 3D printing takes just a few days and at PROTIQ it is even possible to produce the inductor from 100% pure copper.

You want to get more out of your heating processes?

Use the PROTIQ simulation service! Our experts would be pleased to advise you and help you find the optimal solution for your heating process.

Are your 3D files ready?

Just upload your data. All files are automatically checked and optimized for printing.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally regarding your 3D project.