History of 3D printing

3D-Printing 1981

Charles W. Hull, founder and president of 3D Systems, Inc., invents stereolithography

3D-Printing 1983

Successful start of the first experimental stereolithography system. 

3D-Printing 1985

The first 3D design software becomes available. 

3D-Printing 1986

The first patent is filed for a stereolithography system. 

3D-Printing 1987

Dr. Charles Deckard of the University of Texas announces the principle of laser sintering. 

3D-Printing 1988

A stereolithography system goes on sale for the first time. 

3D-Printing 1988

The American S. Scott Crump and his wife Lisa invent fused deposition modeling. 

3D-Printing 1991

The first fused deposition modeling system is launched on the market. 

3D-Printing 1992

U.S. start-up DTM produces the first commercial selective laser sintering system. 

3D-Printing 1997

A team at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, files a patent for selective electron beam melting. 

3D-Printing 2000

Objet, now part of Stratasys Ltd., introduces Polyjet technology. 

3D-Printing 2002

Concept Laser, a German company, sells its first LaserCUSING machine. Use of the term selective laser melting later becomes widespread. 

3D-Printing 2009

EOS, a company based in the Bavarian town of Krailling, rolls out the first system for processing polyetherketone, PEEK HP3. 

3D-Printing 2010

The first fused deposition modeling printers for home use are launched on the market. The PROTIQ team starts working on additive manufacturing for the Phoenix Contact Group. 

3D-Printing 2016

PROTIQ launches its 3D printing portal with upload functionality. The company's extensive technical and practical expertise makes it especially attractive for B2B customers. 

3D-Printing 2017

PROTIQ takes a big step towards the future: The existing e-shop of the 3D printing provider is turning into an online marketplace.

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