Door Opener

Corona demands flexibility - professionally and privately. We, at PROTIQ, have therefore reacted and quickly added new products to our portfolio: 3D-printed door openers. With these small aids made of polyamide 12, doors can be opened hygienically and without skin contact with the forearm. The little helpers are particularly useful for doors that are used by many people, such as toilets, entrances or open-plan offices.

"Several colleagues had the ideas at the same time. Similar ideas had already been circulated on the Internet and so we spontaneously constructed the first samples and printed them overnight. This was in the last week of March," says Clemens Boesen, production manager at Protiq.

We now offer different versions of the door openers, so that there should be something for most door handles. However, we are also happy to adapt the design to your door handles or provide the openers with your company logo. Please contact us for an offer.

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