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Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) place high demands on automation devices: control cabinets are being equipped with ever-more originally decentrally arranged components. The transfer of data is also increasing and more varied, which in turn requires a large number of different connections. The current developments require space-saving, flexible and clear solutions. The modular housing system of the ICS (industrial case system) series from Phoenix Contact deliver precisely that. The empty electronic housings are available in graduated sizes, with 8-pin DIN rail bus connectors and innovative, variable connection technology for standardized connections such as RJ45, USB, D-SUB and antenna sockets. PROTIQ supplements all these advantages with an intuitive online configurator for the customized design of ICS covers. Custom-designed housing covers provide a better overview in the control cabinet, thus facilitating maintenance work.

Advantages of the ICS cover configurator

  • Customized housing design for a better overview in the control cabinet
  • Flexibility in terms of shape, function and color
  • Order and have 3D-printed prototypes delivered directly
  • Cost-effective implementation
  • ICS cover in series quality

Design your customized ICS cover step by step

The ICS cover configurator helps you create your customized housing cover in seven simple steps. You can trace each change visually in real time based on a 3D model. First give your project a name and define the dimensions of the housing. Then set the “non-design area”, i.e. the area that can be used to place cut-outs. The next step is to drag & drop them onto the 3D model and place them according to your requirements. You can choose from various basic geometric shapes and connection types. After you have defined and customized the geometry of your ICS cover’s design area, you can drag & drop geometric bodies onto your housing cover. The exact positions can be individually defined by entering the appropriate values. You can then add your own logos and texts to your cover, before specifying an optional color finish to be painted on in the final step. The live pricing system on the PROTIQ platform finally allows you to directly order the configured model.

3D-printed sample of your housing cover thanks to rapid prototyping

PROTIQ uses rapid prototyping to produce prototypes for your ICS cover. 3D printing makes it possible to produce components with complex geometries and customized recesses in a single construction process on the basis of CAD data. Additive manufacturing ensures the cost-optimized and time-saving implementation of your project. Phoenix Contact is at your disposal as a reliable partner – from the composition of your specific housing system to the serial manufacturing of your individual ICS cover.

Configure your customized ICS cover now!

If you are already using ICS series housings, you can use our configurator directly to design your cover.Configurator. If not, you can use Phoenix Contact to first create your customized housing customized housing. If you then decide on a cover you have designed yourself, you will be forwarded directly to PROTIQ’s ICS cover configurator.

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