3D printing by PROTIQ. Precise. Fast. Reliable.

The PROTIQ Marketplace is a web portal where users can upload and configure 3D models. We produce the desired objects with high precision and ship them worldwide – fast. PROTIQ has been providing expertise in additive manufacturing for the Phoenix Contact Group since 2010, experience we draw on to advise and support you – from 3D data generation to finished prototypes, models or components.

We provide the right solutions for all of our business customers’ requirements

This is based on our diverse range of materials and manufacturing processes, complemented by important services related to additive manufacturing, such as training, reverse engineering and finishing. Our portal itself includes features that actively support your business processes, including convenient approval and ordering processes and our configurator, with which you can upload entire assemblies.

We rethink additive manufacturing every day

This enables us to offer you unprecedented capabilities based on new materials and improvements in our own systems and software. An example is the development of highly conductive copper, which has expanded the use of 3D printing to many exciting new fields, such as electronics.

PROTIQ’s great teamwork guarantees you consistent quality

That applies to our production process, our professional communication, and of course our end results, thanks to the PROTIQ team’s experience and its in-depth process expertise. Our processes are industrialized and standardized, enabling us to offer a high standard of quality. Our work is characterized by passion and curiosity. We’re actively involved in shaping the future of additive manufacturing. How does that benefit you? Starting today, you can broaden your range of applications with new materials and use our portal’s convenient features for the best possible support for your processes.

We actively shape the future of additive manufacturing

PROTIQ is committed to research and collaborates actively with partners at universities. Proof of the PROTIQ team’s passion is our repeated designation – as part of the Phoenix Contact Group – as a winner in Germany’s “Toolmaker of the Year” competition.

We’re your personal contact when it comes to additive manufacturing processes. You can contact us any time. We’ll respond to your inquiries promptly. Thanks to the Phoenix Contact Group’s worldwide presence, we can offer you international support.

High-end systems: the basis for top quality

PROTIQ stands out not only through its great technical and practical expertise, but also through its equipment. Top quality can only be achieved with the best process technology. Our machines:

Laser sintering machines

  • EOS P396 (3x)
  • EOS P110 (2x)
  • EOS P100
  • EOS P500
  • In-house systems
  • DTM Sinterstation 2000
  • RICOH AM S5500P

Stereolithography machines

  • 3D-Systems HD6000

Machines for selective laser melting of metals

  • EOS M280 (3x)
  • EOS M290 (2x)

PolyJet/MultiJet machines

  • Stratasys Connex 350

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally regarding your 3D project.