Your individual inductors made of highly conductive pure copper

The efficiency of inductors and heat exchangers depends especially on their conductivity. This is why pure copper is currently the most sought-after material on the market. Thanks to a specially developed process, PROTIQ is so far the only 3D printing provider that can process this highly conductive material additively – letting you benefit from an efficient product that satisfies the very highest standards.

Properties of pure copper

Thanks to its properties, pure copper is the ideal material for producing highly conductive inductors.

  • Electrical conductivity: up to 58 MS/m
  • Thermal conductivity: 400 ± 15 W/(m*K)
  • Density: 8.9 g/cm³
  • Tensile strength: 220 ± 10 MPa

Pure copper inductors from the 3D printer: Your advantages

As a machine or plant manufacturer, you are well aware of the importance of the precision and quality of inductors for the edge-zone hardening of your components. The more closely the inductor matches the shape of the workpiece to be hardened and the more conductive it is, the more efficient the process. Additive manufacturing has therefore long since become established as a manufacturing process for copper inductors, as it enables individual and precision adjustment within just a few days.

PROTIQ creates even greater added value by providing pure copper: In the future, your inductors or heat exchangers will not only fit your project perfectly, but will also exhibit superior electrical and thermal conductivity. This allows you to maximize the efficiency of your processes in two respects: On the one hand you optimize the heating process, and on the other you save time and money in the production of your inductors.

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100 % copper: remarkable material properties

By 2013, PROTIQ had succeeded in developing an innovation for additive manufacturing by processing highly conductive RS copper. But the new material made of 100% pure copper takes 3D printing of inductors and heat exchangers to an entirely new level. With an electrical conductivity of up to 58 MS/m and a density of 8.9 g/cm³, it exceeds by far the quality and efficiency of conventional alloys processed in 3D printing. This means that PROTIQ now offers you even more flexibility.

Pure copper vs. conventional alloys

Up to now, alloys containing a lower copper content have primarily been employed for the additive production of copper inductors. There is a simple reason for this: the chemical element reflects the radiation of conventional laser melting systems. However, reduced copper content also means lower conductivity, which means restrictions in terms of the intended use – the edge-zone hardening of components. PROTIQ puts an end to this constraint with a technique that enables the processing of pure copper.

PROTIQ – Your reliable partner for 3D printing

A very special service offered by PROTIQ is the computer-aided optimization of your copper coils. By simulating your processes, we create the ideal inductors for your application.

Beyond this, we also support you in all topics related to additive manufacturing. If you have questions regarding the creation of 3D data, if want to adapt your copper inductor independently and individually in our online configurator, or if you want to start ordering your 3D project – we would be happy to advise you! Thanks to our many years of experience and excellent technical expertise, PROTIQ is your competent partner when it comes to additive manufacturing.

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