Induction hardening with customized copper inductors


Induction hardening requires tailor-made copper inductors for the heat treatment of a variety of component shapes. Previously, these were mostly handcrafted using time-consuming processes. Your customized 3D printed inductors are quickly and cost-effectively manufactured on the PROTIQ Marketplace.

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What is induction hardening?


Induction hardening is a process widely used to surface-harden components. Whereby a workpiece made of a conductive material (e.g. steel or cast iron) is placed in the magnetic field of an inductor and heated to hardening temperature.

To generate the required heat, alternating current is passed through a copper inductor with the help of a generator. Rapid heating followed by quenching increases the surface hardness of the component.

Unlike processes where heat is generated by an oven or a flame, the heat in induction hardening is created directly in the component. The hardening process can be precisely controlled and reliably reproduced via the current density and the generator frequency.

The inductor – key component of surface hardening


The shape of an inductor is directly related to the accuracy of the process because heat is only generated where electromagnetic eddy currents are induced in the workpiece. The closer the inductor is adapted to the geometry of the component to be heated, the more the heat distribution can be controlled. That is why every design requires a tailor-made inductor.

    Advantages of 3D-printed inductors

  • Cost-effective production of customized geometries
  • Short delivery times thanks to tool-less production
  • Accurate implementation based on your data
  • Reproducible quality

Why 3D-printed inductors?


Traditionally, copper inductors were shaped by manually bending or brazing; as a result of this process, only relatively simple geometries could be created. The manual production process is also very extensive. With frequently changing workpieces, companies have to accept the relatively high cost of purchasing new inductors.

Inductors from PROTIQ – fast, digital order processing

In industrial 3D printing, the cost of manufacturing a customized inductor can be effectively reduced. The fully digitalized business process of the PROTIQ Marketplace already saves valuable time during the order process. With the inductor configurator, customers need just a few clicks to configure the inductors according to their personal requirements. The configuration is based on the modular principle and takes the specific requirements of industry customers into account. Production can start immediately after receipt of order.

Unique copper inductors with accurate dimensions

The 3D printing process of selective laser melting creates metal objects directly from CAD data and without the use of additional tools. The result are highly conductive and durable inductors, that match the given dimensions perfectly – with a degree of precision that is almost impossible to achieve by conventional methods. Thanks to additive manufacturing, individual and complex geometries can be realized within a few days.

Special geometries and simulation-based optimization

In addition to the versatile design options of the inductor configurator, copper inductors in special geometries for unusual areas of application can also be manufactured on the PROTIQ Marketplace. With its vast experience in the field of simulation-based magnetic field design, the PROTIQ team is your point of contact for optimizing your established induction processes. Feel free to contact us, if you would like to find out more about how to increase the efficiency of inductive heating with an improved basic shape.

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