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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Despite the current situation, we can still carry out your orders as usual.

Since the beginning of March we have already implemented measures such as a strict team separation and home office in order to continue to be there for you.

We are happy to take part in projects where urgently needed parts, such as for ventilators, are produced additively. Contact us if you have ideas or projects in the fight against Corona.

Stay healthy!

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Optimal copper coils from the 3D printer for your project

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Your individual inductors made of highly conductive pure copper

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PROTIQ continues to produce - also for the fight against COVID-19

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How does 3D printing work on the PROTIQ Marketplace?

Take advantage of our practical marketplace features and hold your individual 3D object in your hands within a few days.

You configure your 3D object

Upload your own CAD files and design your 3D model according to your requirements. Then select a 3D printing provider for your project.

More about 3D printing files

We print your 3D model

Immediately after the receipt of your order, the production order is fully automatically received by the Marketplace partner who is going to produce your 3D object.

More about our 3D printing process

You will receive your product

The manufacturing of your 3D object can begin as soon as we receive your order, so that your product is ready for delivery as soon as possible.

Everything about payment and shipping

Which method is suitable for my project?

The various additive manufacturing processes used depend on the material from which a 3D object is to be manufactured. In selective laser sintering (SLS) and laser melting (SLM), for example, powdered materials made of plastic or metal are melted by a laser, while in stereolithography, liquid photopolymers are cured with UV light.

Overview of our 3D printing processes

What materials will be processed on the PROTIQ Marketplace?

3D printing from plastic

Plastics can be put to versatile use in 3D printing: We can implement almost any idea, from flexible models to functional and resilient components.

All plastics for 3D printing

3D printing from metal

Metal can create particularly complex 3D objects with undercuts or internal structures. At the PROTIQ Marketplace you will find suitable metals for a variety of requirements.

All metals for 3D printing

3D printing from ceramics

Ceramics are used to produce precise (micro) components with thermal and electrical insulation properties, which, thanks to their exceptional temperature resistance, are suitable for use in extreme heat.

All ceramic materials for 3D printing

Are your 3D files ready?

Just upload your data. All files are automatically checked and optimized for printing.

Do you have any questions?

We will be happy to advise you personally regarding your 3D project.